Need help

So I just started learning how to knit yesterday…well, Saturday night and I’m making a really fun yellow scarf. It was going well yesterday because I was at my boyfriends house and his mum was able to help me fix any mistakes I made. But now I’m back at school after the break and I’ve made a mistake. I think I accidentally added a stitch…I think. I did this enough times yesterday so I think I know what I did wrong, but I don’t know how to fix it. How do I undo what I did?

How far away from the mistake are you? Is there an intricate pattern that you are following, or are you just using a simple pattern? Honestly, when I add stitches, depending on how far away from the mistake I am, I’ll just decrease one stitch on one of the rows to get back to the desired number of stitches, or if your pattern doesn’t depend on the number of stitches, like a garter or stockinette stitch scarf, I’d just leave it there.

the mistake is in the same row. I didn’t want to keep going and then have to undo a lot or something. I’m using a really simple pattern. It’s a beginners scarf pattern I got for free when I went to buy the yarn and stuff.

Oh. In that case you can tink back those stitches and when you tink back beyond the added stitch, it should just fall out on its own.

I don’t think there are any videos here about how to tink. You may have to look for a video online. Its not hard, its just annoying.

What’s the pattern? You might be able to take out the extra stitch when you come to it on the next row. Mark it someway then just drop it off the needle when you come to it.

Here’s a video on “tinking” both knit and purl.

It’s a good technique to know even if you don’t use it this time. :wink: