Need help!

Need some help with this pattern…here is the link

Divide for Sleeves and Body:

K21 (23, 25) sts [left front] and place on a holder,
K25 (27, 29) sts [left sleeve] and leave on needle. **Turn, purl into front & back (F & B) of first st, purl to last st, purl into F & B of last st: 27 (29, 31) sts.
Work back & forth on these left sleeve sts only until length from point if division is 3 (4, 4½)”, ending with a WS row.

Work 3 pattern repeats as follows:

I have divided my work and put 23sts on hold.
k27 sts - turned, purled into front and back on the first st and then purl into front and back of the last st (total of 29 st)
Now I think the pattern is asking me to to continue knitting the left sleeve until I get to 4" length - is that right? I also must knitt into front and back of the first and last st (WS only)? What does it mean " Work 3 pattern repeats as follows: "…please look at the link above

Thanks for all your help

Yes, knit the left sleeve until 4", and you just finish working a WS row because the next section starts with a RS/knit row. You only do the PFB on that one WS row, then work straight for 4", then begin the next section.

Thank you so much suzeeq:)