Need help

Our son Jeff is over in Iraq and he has asked if we could send him all the click pens we can find.Seems the kids love the clickable pens.Every time he bends over to talk to them they take his pen out of his sleeve pocket.The clicking is amazing to them.Well I priced pens and they are very expensive.So if anyone has any CLICK pens laying around they don’t want could you send them to me.Just pm me for address.
Thank you :hug:

Hey Mom- I sent you a PM…

when you say click pens do you meen the sort with the little botton at the bottom you puch to put the nib out and push again to put the nib back in?

Yes ,for some reason they like the sound of the clicking:shrug:

Ok, this may be a really dumb question, but, should the pens still have ink in them? I do believe I have a few “click” pens, however, I don’t know if they have ink left. So if it’s the clicking that’s important and not whether the pen has ink, I can certainly take a look!

Doesn’t matter if they have ink.

I Will collect a few if i can :slight_smile:

Thanks Rita:hug:How about John ? Does he give any away at work?

Ask at your doctors’ offices - drug reps seem to give away a lot of click pens.

Amazing how something so simple can mean so much. I will certainly look for some for you.

This new company have not sent any yet . He should get some so when he does i will take some for you:)

I’ll take a look! I seem to end up with a ton of click pens from events I go to. I’d be happy to send some.
You might want to try hotels too. They might be willing to donate some.

Thanks everyone who has answer my plea :hug::yay: for pens:):slight_smile: If he just didn’t need so many:doh:it would be easy.He wants around 100 :eyes:

I’ll see what I can dig up as well. Such a small thing to make lives a little more cheerful!

Do you have pre-owned office supply stores in your area? PM me with your address and I’ll hit mine- pens are cheap there. :slight_smile:

:pout: Sadly we recently tossed a bunch of them, but we may still have some around. I will take a look. Any time frame on this?

Thanks Jan :slight_smile: No time frame.

I have some for you. Sent you pm.