Need Help

I am making a sweater with a hood. It is all finished but I don’t understand the directions to finishing the hood. I am using a circular needle. The instructions say, hold stiches parallell and with right sides together, knit together first stitch from each needle. then I am suppose to knit together next stitch from each need and bind off. I am suppose to repeat till end. I don’t understand. I have 45 stiches on 1 side to the circular needle and 31 stiches on the other side of the needle. Can someone please help.

This sounds like the 3 needle bind off. You need to move the stitches so that you have even number at each end of the circular and then another needle to do the actual bind off. Look in the video section on this site under cast off/bind off and scan down to the 3 needle bind off. Hope this helps.

It doesn’t say anything about a 3rd needle. It is the seam at the top of hood. I will check video out. Thanks for your help.

You can use a third needle the same size or larger to do the BO. It can be a straight one because you won’t be leaving any sts on it.