Need help!

Please help me! I am making those really cute ribbed baby booties and I ran into trouble!
Round 1: K20, pm, K20
Round 2, 4: K2tog, K to 2 sts before marker, K2tog, sm, SSK, K to [B]2 sts before the end of the round, SSK, K2.[/B]
Round 3, 5, 6: K3Graft sts or seam together.
Make another.
Okay, so, regarding the highlighted part, do I knit to 2 sts before the end of the round and SSK, and go on to knit 2 after the end of the round?? Because if I ssk the last 2 stitches there will not be anymore stitches to knit for the K2.

AND I was wondering what ‘sm’ means. Does that mean to ‘switch marker’?
THANK YOU so much for any help,

Hi Sue,
I think it might be a typo and they want you have 4sts left on your needle then do the ssk, and K2…:think:

the sm would mean to slip your marker when you come to it…onto the needle you are working with :thumbsup:

Thank You so much. Thats what I was thinking also…a typo. THe thing I dont get is why am I doing all those decreases and stuff when it’s just gonna be the bottom of the bootie?
oh wellllll
THANK YOU for your help I really appreciate it and I love this site!

The decs are for shaping; stay with it, it’ll probably make sense eventaully.