Need Help!

I’m new to knitting and am working on a prayer shawl. The pattern says to cast on 63 (or multiples of 3)…the entire pattern is then K3, P3 knitting the purl stitches and purl the knit stitches. I start and have 63 stitches on my needle. I turn the needles and K3, P3 to the end and count my stitches…still fine. Eventually, even though I come out with a multiple of 3, I’ve gained a stitch somewhere. It’s not the infamous extra stitch explained in the forum. I always make sure the thread is coming off the needles correctly but somehow gain an extra stitch somewhere. Does anyone understand and can offer some advice??



If you’re sure you haven’t done a yarn over when switching from one stitch to another, then it’s possible that you didn’t slide a stitch off all the way on a previous row and knit it, or you mistook the first stitch as two because of the way it was situated on the needle.

If you can see where it is, you can work two together and go on with your ribbing.