Need Help

It has been years since picking up knitting needles. I have some lucious yarn en route, already have the pattern printed out. It is a free pattern from Berroco, ‘Montparnasse.’ Classified as ‘easy.’ I am in trouble, I think. Reading the back pattern it states: With straight needles, cast on 1 st.ROW 1 (RS): Knit 1
ROW 2: Purl 1. (no problem here) Now comes my dilemma:
Working in St st, cast on 5(5-6) sts at beg of the next 12(20-6) rows; then 4(4-5)sts at beg of the next 12(4-18) rows, end on WS - 109(117 - 127) sts.

I will either make the jacket/sweater in a medium or large size so realize the number in paren(s) are for whatever size. Somehow I just cannot get it through my head what this means: It is: the part - cast on 5(5 -6) sts(I understand) at the beg of the next 12(20-6) rows. I understand the 4(4-5)sts at the beg of the next 12(4-18 rows). The last one in paren also baffling me. Maybe with needles and yarn in hand it will ‘click’ but does anyone have a simple remedy for this Born Again Knitter-to-be? Thanks a lot, Wanda Witch

Do you mean [I]end on WS - 109(117 - 127) sts.? [/I]That just tells you how many stitches you should have when you’re done.

If it’s the other directions, you’ll be adding stitches at the beginning of the rows, so it will work out that you’re essentially increasing at each end. I’d use a knitted or cable cast on, then work across those and the stitches on the needle.


Thank you so much for answering my elementary question. I will give it a go when the yarn arrives. Funny, when I was a teenager I’d pick up the needles, a brand new pattern, cables, etc., and no sweat. Guess time slows down everything! Hope I get the old confidence back as I really want to begin knitting again. It is a wonderful pastime and good therapy. :thumbsup: