***Need Help***

Hi Everyone :wink:

I’m wanting to try to knit this pattern:


[COLOR=black]The problem is that when I try to find these yarns, I can’t. I haven’t even seen any online store selling the Crystal Palace Big Net and only a few of the Glam and hardly none of the Raggedy :wall:. My question to all of you knowlegable knitters is can you recommemd yarns that I can replace these for to still give me that sort of look?:shrug:[/COLOR]


Big Net is here:


And if you google it you see more online options. I know yarn made in that sort of shaping and ‘ladder’ fashion but nothing like that as such.

Actually, the closest thing I’ve seen to Net is in the notions section of a fabric/dressmaking/craft store where you can get brocade type ribbons. I’ve seen items similar to that but not quite as open weave and their weight would make them difficult to knit with. I suggest in the case of Net you try and obtain an online source either at the place I offered or via a google search.

That site is just about yarn but I believe that you can’t buy any off of the site. I had already checked it out :pout:

There were several sites that came up in a google search of that yarn. None of them sell for distance? Even if they don’t have an online facility Simone, sometimes you can email and order that way. I’ve done that before. But someone may know a source…if not…I would try that.

Here’s some

Found this too