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I am knitting a Speedy Slippers Pattern from Patons and it starts with 2 stitches and then you inc to 14 from there, I have this done but the next step says "Cast on 13 stitches(which I will be doing in single cast done because I don’t know how to do anything else in a pattern once it has started) for side of slipper. Knit these side sts. P1. Knit to last st. P1.
Now does this mean I knit the first 13 then go into P1 Knit to last st then P1??
Or do I start P1 knit to last st then P1?? :??
Also it then says"Cast on 13 sts for other side, should have 40 sts on needle then do I do the same as above or go to next step which says Proceed 1st row knit,2nd row k13,P1,K12,P1,K13. Repeat this row 20 times more. :??

This is what I would do. At the end of the last row from the previous section of instructions (the part where you have increased to 14sts), before turning your work around…so the stitches are still on the needle in your right hand…use the backwards loop cast on (aka single cast on) to cast the 13 stitches on. Turn your work, knit those 13 stitches that you just cast on, purl 1, knit to the last stitch, purl 1. Then cast on 13 more stitches, turn your work around then proceed with rows 1 and 2 instructions at the bottom of your post.

I would read it just as you had. You knit the 13 sts you just added on and then continue down the row with P1, Knit to last st. P1.

I think you should have only 29 stitches on the needle (the initial 2, the 14 inc, and the 13 you inc), then when you finishing you P1-knit to last st-P1 sequence you add 13 again giving you 42.

After all of this, then your first (next) row will be row 1 - k, row 2 - k13 P1 k12 P1 k13, and repeat 20 times.

I am new to this but that is how I would read it.

Actually, it’s not the initial 2 stitches plus 14 increased, the two at first get increased to a total of 14 stitches, then add the 13, then eventually another 13 for a total of 40 stitches.

Okay I did this and I do have 40 sts in total and have started a couple for rows on the Proceed stage and I seem to have an extra row on the 1 side??
The next row I start will be with the row that has the extra row so I will in fact end up with 2 extra rows on the one side?? :wall: Does this matter in the long run :shrug: What did I do wrong :wall:

I think I know what you mean. Because you cast on your first extra set of 13 stitches, THEN knitted them, worked across the middle 14 stitches then cast on the second set of 13 stitches and turned your work to immediately start the next set of instructions…you have an extra row (13 stitches worth) of already knitted stitches on the first set of newly cast on stitches? Am I right so far??

Does it look strange? Probably in the long run, over 20 more repeats of that row it will not matter, but I am having a difficult time picturing how it would look. Is it possible for you to post a picture?

It should be taken care of when you bind off. You’ll probably bind off the first 13 sts you cast on, then knit across and turn and bind off the second set of 13 sts. They way they’ll both end up having the same number of rows.


Thanks guys for your replys and help, I will try to scan it and post a picture plus the pattern.
:hug: :muah:

Will post the pattern when I can scan it properly so it is readable.


As you can see the side with the yarn is my next row so instead of having 1 extra row I am going to have 2 !! Yikes !! I am debating ripping it back to the heel and starting again. :wall:

Over the course of the whole project I don’t think that’s going to make much difference at all.

Thank you!! :muah: Hey don’t you think it kinda looks like a thong :roflhard:

I didn’t want to say… :teehee:

No, don’t rip it out. You’re doing it right, the first set of stitches you cast on will always have an extra row on it. Then when you knit across starting with the side with the second set of stitches, it’ll catch up. Don’t worry about it, as you knit more rows the difference won’t be as noticeable and when you’re finished they’ll be even.