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Help I have done veryy little knitting before mostly crochet. And rly want to pick it up by starting with a sweater vest from one of my fav shows but I’m not sure what this stitching is can anyone identify it?Screenshot_20221101-152427

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This is a very effective pattern with columns of 3 sts in stockinette (knit on the right side, purl on the wrong side) alternating with a column of single sts knit on the right side, knit on the wrong side.
It’s similar to the pattern is the Bankhead hat.

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Are you sure that’s a single stitch between the columns of stocking stitch? It looks like two stitches to me.

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Good thought. It still looks like one to me (see the lower fold near the hem) but the original poster can check on a swatch and see if one or two is preferred here.

My first guess was (k3, p, ptbl, p). I thought I saw a twisted purl stitch.


Could the center ^ stitch be garter?

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I’ll toss in a guess. Welted rib.


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Another guess. Moss rib.


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@GrumpyGramma great site, that

Twin rib matches the purl rib but is off on the knit rib. While garter rib is off on the 1st & 3rd purl of the purl rib.

V = knit; ■ = purl (as read from the RS or public side)

I would adjust it as follows:
R1: k3, p3 × across.
R2: k, p, k, p3 × across.

[Image : above pattern is left purl rib upper circle. Other circles are other similar variants.]

Looking for this shape in the center purl on alt rows.

Twin Rib:

Vertical Garter Stitch Columns


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This question is getting free rent in my head. I wonder if it’s the WS of this pattern? I remembered you suggested a twisted purl, this one has a twisted knit on the RS so a twisted purl on the WS.

(ETA I’m waking up and might have worded that all wrong but my supposition that this could work but make WS the RS is what I meant to get across.)

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That is the stitch in the middle of the purl rib.
I did a zoom in.


Well that (avove) did not work. :pensive:


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Been following this. I felt it looked like a section in a blanket I am working on. The pattern is calling it a seed rib stitch. Row1 RS is k across. Row 2 is p3 k1 repeat across to last 3 stitches, p3. Repeat row1 & 2 for pattern. I could be way off but sure looks similar to me.

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