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I am stumped with this direction for decreasing for my mitten top , the round 1 says [k1,ssk,knit to 3 sts before marker, k2tog,k1] twice [4 sts dec] .I only have 3 sts before the marker so I don’t understand the “twice”. The pattern is "The world’s simplest mittens by Tin Can Knits 2016.I sent off a message about my confusion but no reply. can someone help me ?

Usually you have two markers, one on each side of the mitten. The markers divide the palm from the back of the mitten. You’ll k1, ssk knit across one of these sides (e.g. the palm), k2tog, k1 then repeat the same sequence on the other side (e.g. the back). That accounts for the direction to work the sequence twice (once on the palm, once on the back).

Thanks for clearing this up, had a brain freeze and was making it more complicated than it was.Thanks again for the help,

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Just wondering if you might know of a book or article that explains the whys? of knitting mittens and offers a clear explanation of knitting the thumb, I have so much trouble with the thumb.

Thumbs can be a problem. You have lots of company in struggling with them. There are several different ways of working the thumb (like the different methods for sock heels) so maybe try different patterns until you find one that you prefer.
Tin Can Knits does have a nice tutorial for these mittens.

Here’s a video for a thumb with gusset similar to the technique used in the Tin Can Knits pattern. You can use any technique for knitting in the round that you like.

There’s also a kind of afterthought thumb.

I don’t know a good book that covers different techniques but another knitter may well have one to recommend. @Daylilydayzed can you help out?

Thanks ,will check it out ,thanks again!

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