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I have a pattern that reads Row 1- (RS): K2,(p2,k2) across …sounds simple enough , i guess to most. I read it as k2,p2 k2 across but why the brackets, seems like i should be doing something different


The author of the pattern just want to make sure you both begin with K2 and end with K2. Thus the line begin with K2 and the a repeated section that is P2, K2 until the end of the row.


It could also be written (k2, p2) to last 2 sts, k2. You’ll encounter similar instructions in many patterns. It’s a way of dealing with part of a repeat.

It took me a long-ish time to get this into my head. Good question.


Thanks, I tend to overthink these things and it would have been much simpler to have worded it as repeat sts between( ) to end of row
.i had checked other sites and they suggested knitting the 4 sttiches together to make a bobble ?

A bobble? I don’t see that nor did @engblom it seems. I suppose it could something like a bobble. Would a bobble fit in the pattern you’re working? If you could share a link to the pattern or the exact name of pattern and exact name of designer it might help demystify it.

Thanks for the replies, I continued with the k2 ps as instructed and it seems to be working out. Thanks for all the help. It is confusing when I searched on Google and get 2-4 different descriptions of what that means.

What it means is to start with K2 and then repeat P2, K2 across the row. So u repeat what is inside the parentheses.


Thanks for all the help, have been knitting along and it seems to be working out,sans “bobbles”

The brackets tell you NOT to include the first K2 the row began with but everything after brackets.

I finally figured it out, but in all honestly the first row K2 (p2,K2) across row and the 4th row K2, p2 ,k2 to end of row looked different but ended up being the same thing. People who write out patterns should stay consitate to the method. Why make it so confusing/difficult for anyone new to knitting/

I should have asked at the beginning, what pattern is this from? Often even just seeing a picture can help see what should be going on. You’ll develop this as you knit more. As for consistency in patterns, that varies a lot. Some patterns are very beginner friendly and others, like what you encountered, not so much.

You’re right that they should keep it in the same thyme throughout when writing a pattern . I can see how one can get confused.

Thanks for all the replies and help. i do tend to overthink it and seem it make it harder than it should be. I do appreciate being able to find the knitting help when I get overwhelmed. Thanks again for all the help.

Many patterns are written this way, and you almost need to take a class to decipher all those codes!

What this means is that you only repeat what is inside the brackets. Yes, it is the same as what you said EXCEPT for one little thing.

This is telling you that the repeat is 4 stitches (2+2). When you want to increase or decrease the number of stitches to change the size, you need to do it in bunches of 4 stitches. So your count will always be divisible by 4 (with a remainder of 2), because you add 2 more stitches at the end to balance the design. You can make this as large or as small as you like, and it will always always follow that rule!

It is very difficult for us to see what happens next as you did not give us the link to the pattern, or include the next row. This is quite important!! The context is vital – as it will often explain what this row means.

The pattern is Marble Chunky cowl by James C brett.

Hi knitters. I’ve been all over the internet searching and glad I finally found this wonderful site. Can you help me find someone? I have been knitting my general clothes (mittens, hats, sweaters, vests, socks) since I was in elementary school but no longer knit since I live in Florida. I have an old but reasonably well maintained sweater my father wore at the ship yards during WWII. Later on I wore it as my motorcycle warmer on chilly days in New York. It is made from heavy wool yarn and needs professional care to repair it so I can pass it off to my nephew attending a DC university. I cannot locate any knit club or person in my area (west Palm Beach) to help. I will drive anywhere in South Florida to get help. Send an email if you can help or know someone. Thank you for this site and all the knitters’ conversations. I am not alone anymore with my knitting in the tropics. - Jude

I am certain there are many, many knitters in South Florida, and probably a few knitting groups. But I do know they are very hard to find! They don’t do a lot of promotional work, and are well hidden. You are going to have to really search for them!!

But if you just tell 2 people you are looking for a knitter, word will get around and you will soon have more than you need!

The other alternative is to learn to knit – or at least how knitting works so you can do the repair work yourself. It is not that difficult; however, I do understand that it took me many years of knitting to get competent enough to do repair work. (No, I am not anywhere near you to offer to help!)

Knitters are around you – but you really have to do a search for them. Start by asking at your LYS.

Thank you for advice Paddi. I am trying. I do knit and have since I was a child for family clothes. I want another opinion because the yarn is vintage as is the sweater and the style and I haven’t knitted in over 10 years.

Have a wonderful day and here’s to dropped and recovered stitches.


Hi and welcome!
Have you searched for a knitting guild? They are scattered around the country and I’ve always found the members very helpful.
There are a couple of yarn shops near Palm Beach (Just Imaginknit, and Knit or Knots Yarn).
Ravelry is a good source of information and yarn shop recommendations. It’s free to join. There may even be a group there foe sweater repair.

Thanks for your kind support. I have been looking to start a small group near me in Fla. I will check out kint shops. Bee Happy and Thanks again.


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