Need help

I’m having trouble with a cardigan pattern it reads (ybk,s1p,yft,p2) I know ybk is yarn in back but is it an actual stitch or does it mean yarn in back before slip one…and yft yarn in front is this a stitch or just yarn in front before p2…so is it 5 stitches or 3 I’m confused

Welcome to KH!
It looks like the ybk and yft are just telling you where to more the yarn between the needles. They won’t create a stitch over the needle. Yarn back, slip a stitch, yarn to the front and purl 2 (3sts).
What is the name of your pattern?

Check at the beginning of the pattern where they give you a list of materials needed. They usually tell you what the abbreviations mean. Occasionally, you will see a pattern online written by an average person and not a professional knitter. They sometimes use their own quirky notations for what they think it should be. If nothing else, email the person or company and ask.