Need help

My sweater pattern says *(k2tog) twice, (yfwd, k1)4 times, (k2tog) twice, rep from * to last stitch.

How is this not decreasing? The finished sweater photo shows the ripples this forms stacked on top of each other, not different places each time as mine is.

Looks like 4 decreases and 4 increases in between the ** so it would remain the same.

I had to look yfwd up–I knew it meant “yarn forward” but haven’t ever used a pattern that called for it so I wasn’t sure of the difference between yfwd and YO. Jan, is this link correct–yfwd is telling you in detail how to form a yo between two knit stitches? (So American patterns and any others that use YO are just telling you to work a YO increase, with the assumption that you know how to do it without detailed instruction.)

Pretty much. There are different ways of making a YO depending on if it is between two knit stitches, between two purl stitches, after a knit/before a purl or after a purl/before a knit. American patterns just say YO assuming you know how to do each one. British patterns have different abbreviations for each of them.

Yarn forward is just a YO. Different countries/cultures use different terms sometimes.

This Yarn Over 101 video explains about different terms for yo. It’s long. You might like the printout she has available.

As a Continental knitter I find yo’s easy. Wrap the yarn as if to knit and then just make sure it’s in back if I need to make a knit next or in front for a purl following. I got so confused with the explanations and how-to’s when I started knitting. One day the light came on for me and it was so nice.

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