Need help wth sleeve bands please


I am going well with my 1st baby cardigan but am confused by the instructions for the sleeve bands

Are sleeve bands the cuffs? I am following the second size so the instructions are to pick up 42 stitches, but the sleeves have a lot more than 42 rows.

I would be very grateful for any help,thank you


I would say they are the cuffs since it only tells you to knit half a dozen rows or so. It’s a cute sweater!

The sleeves are 62 rows each - should I pick up every second row at the sleeve edge? Will this leave holes?

It should be fine. I think you’ll only be picking up 20 less than the total row count so you’ll need to do some together some a row apart. I don’t think there will be holes and when it’s done it’ll sort of scrunch up anyway. And it’s the end of the sleeve so Give it a try and see how it goes.

I checked out the video here on picking up stitches (with the sound on this time!) and the voice over (who is that by the way? - you?) said that on garter stitch you pick up 2 of every 3 rows so it all makes perfect sense. The cardi is a gift so I am trying really hard not to mess up. Thanks a million for your help.


The voice is Amy, the site owner, who did all the videos.