Need help working in pattern

I am working on a dog sweater with cables running down the back and seed stitch on either side of the cables. I have just begun the body of the sweater, I’m on the 4th row and not sure exactly what I should be doing. Here were the first three rows, “panel pat” refers to the cable pattern, it consists of 26 sts:

1st: (K1P1) 14 times. Work 1st row panel pat. P1K1 to end of row.

2nd: (K1P1) 14 times. Work 2nd row panel pat. P1K1 to end of row.

3rd: Inc 1 st in first st. P1. (K1P1) 13 times. Work 3rd row panel pat. P1K1 to last 2 sts. P1. Inc 1 on next st.

Then is says:
continue working panel pat as established with seed stitch on either side, increasing 1 st at each end of needle on next 4 rows.

It sounds simple enough but I’m not exactly sure how to continue in pattern. In the first three rows I basically did K1P1 14 times (but with an increase on 3rd row) and then did the panel pat, then P1K1. But with the increases if I do that every time then I will always have the same number of stitches before panel pat but an increasing number after panel pat. So then the cables won’t be centered, right?

It’ll go like this:

After row 3 (where I am now):

After row 4:

The portion after panel pat would continue to increase because the section before stays the same-increase first st (resulting in KK), Purl, K1P1 13 times for 29 sts.

I’m not sure how to keep the seed stitch even on both sides of the panel pat section, or if I need to because it’s going to be round. But I feel like it should be. Or maybe I’m thinking about this all wrong, I just need help.

You’re right that the seed stitch panels should increase evenly on both sides. The directions are to increase at [I]each[/I] end of the row, so that you’ll increase one stitch in the beginning and one at the end or row (2sts increased per row).
Row 3 will have 29sts at each end, row 4 will have 30sts at each end and so on.
You can make your increases as knit sts if that’s easier and then on the next row, incorporate them into the seed stitch pattern.