Need help with xmas stocking!

Hi there. I am a very new knitter and am trying to knit a stocking for my little boy. Eventually I hope to do stockings for the entire family. The stocking is done on regular needles and then will be sewn up the side to make a seam (I think!) My question is this: The pattern reads:
Divide for heel: From RS, sl firts 13 sts to holder for right half of heel; sl next 27 sts to 2nd holder for instep; sl rem 13 sts to free needle for left half of heel.

It then goes on to describe what to do for left half of heel, right half, and the rest of the stocking.

When I slide the first 13 sts to holder, that is where my working yarn is. How do I start working on the left half of heel when there is no working yarn there? Did I slide my stitches off the needle incorrectly?

Thanks so much!

Work across the stitches before you slide them to the holders. This way your yarn will be at the end of the second holder, ready to go.

I’m very new - what do you mean work across the stitches before I slide them? Knit another row? Thanks for your reply by the way!

Let’s say you’re about to do the row where you need to put the stitches on the holders. Knit the first 13, then slide them to the holder; knit the next 27 and slide them to the holder. That would essentially give you another row, but it will keep your working yarn in place.

If you prefer, you can just slide the stitches to the holders and start with a new strand. You may have to do that for the other side of the heel, anyway.

That makes sense! If I do have to start with a new strand, how do I do that?

Just start knitting with it and leave a tail to weave in later. If you want, you can knit the first couple of stitches with both the strand and the tail to secure it, and make sure that you treat those two loops as one stitch on the next row.