Need help with W & T


Hello fellow knitter!
My name is Melissa and I have recently (re)learned how to knit after many years. I had never been successful in the past at completing projects but that has now changed (yay!).

I have knit many little hats for the preemies where I work and recently knit two winter hats that will be used by my son and nephew next winter. I thought it would be great to make neckwarmers to match and it has gone well up to this point… It wants me to wrap and turn. Ok no problem… I watched lots of YouTube videos… But I just can’t visualize what section (starting at which marker and then moving on towards which marker again???) Here is a link to the pattern

So I am at the point in the pattern that says “short row shaping”. Where is it going to shape? The sholder area? The front/back? I’m so confused. I’m back at the beginning of my knitting where I joined in the round initially… So I’m assuming that I need to knit to the first marker before I can slip it. Help please!


You should bave a beginning of round marker (BOR) and markers 1,2 and 3. The w&t is between markers 2 and 3, the back of the warmer.
The pattern isn’t very clear on this. It may help to use different color markers or yarn circles here.


Thank you! I’ve started working it between the 2nd and 3rd marker and it is looking as it should :heart: