Need help with viking helmet

I am new at knitting but I really want to do this pattern:

The whole thing has me confused, so I’ll start with the first bit. It says I need size 7 DPN. Do I just need one, or am I going to need more then one DPN?

Also, this part has me very confused:

[B]With silver, cast on 80 st. Place marker and join.[/B]
Row 1: k1, p1, repeat from [B] to marker[/B].
Row 2: *p1 k1, repeat from * to marker.

So, if I cast on 80 stitches on to my double pointed needle, where am i placing a marker… and what sort of marker do I use. And… what does “place marker and join” mean?


It may want you to CO to one dpn, then arrange the sts over 3. Join is to knit the first stitch you CO to make a circle. A marker can be another loop of yarn that goes around the needle to mark the beginning of the row. You can use a circular needle instead of dpns, and you should knit up a sample to see if size 7 gives you the same sts/inch as in the pattern so you know if it will be the right size.