Need help with 'Very Cabley Mittens'

Hi all,
I’m stuck. I’ve never knitted a mitten thumb by using a piece of waste yarn as it calls for in the Very Cabley Mittens pattern from The pattern reads:
BODY: On the third iteration, make the following modification for Row 2 to mark the thumb: k7, k6 sts with waste yarn, slide those 6 sts back onto the left needle, then k the 6 sts with your working yarn. …THUMB: Remove waste yarn - you will have 11 live sts.
I’m confused; how will there be 11 live sts? won’t there only be 6?
Thanks for your help!! I need to get these done – snow is already starting to fly! :help:

There’s only 11 because when you take out the scrap yarn you’re left with a hole that has live sts on both the top and bottom of it. Just follow the instructions and you’ll see how it works.