need help with Ushya pattern

grandma doesnt understand what it means when it starts the front " work as given for the back until armhole measures for her 5 1/2 inches from start of armhole shaping, ending with a wrong side row"

thanks for the help

Follow the directions for the back, cast on through the armhole shaping until the armhole measures 5 1/2 inches. End with a wrong side row. Then follow the directions for the front “shape left neck”.

Nice looking sweater!

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thanks alot for replying. so when she did the back she stopped i guess when it was 8-1/2 , now she follow same pattern but stops @ 5-1/2? thanks

Yes, at 5 1/2 inches continue with the directions under Front.
Starting with a RS row, knit the given number of sts, turn to the WS and slip the unworked sts to a holder or scrap yarn.
The directions continue with the left neck and shoulder. Eventually the shoulder is bound off when the armhole is the same length as the back armhole.

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appreciate the clarification. shes going to give it a shot. thanks

Good luck to you both with the sweater. If you have other questions, don’t hesitate.

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thanks alot, my grandma was wondering if you know how to make this sweater a short sleeved sweater? thanks

Decide how long you would like the sleeve to be. Measure the width of the sleeve by putting a tape measure around your arm at that point (as loose as you’d like the sleeve to be) or measure the width on a sweater that you like. Convert that number to stitches by using the stitch gauge that you have (the stitches per inch). You can start with some ribbing, then change to the pattern stitch. Work as many increases as it takes to get to the final number of sts given in the pattern before the bind off for the armholes [36(36,40,40,40)] and then just follow the armhole and sleeve cap shaping

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