Need help with two color pattern

I am knitting a cap from a pattern out of the Fall 2009 issue of Creative Knitting Magazine - ‘Neck Warmer & Cap for Him’, pg 57(sorry I could not find an electronic version of the pattern).
My problem is understanding how to change the colors without cutting the yarn and reattaching almost every time you switch colors because the yarn to pick up is always on the other end of the row.
What am I doing wrong?
Linda in CA

Stripe Pat
Work 1 row MC, 1 row A, 1 row MC, 2 rows A, 3 rows MC, 5 rows A, 7 rows MC (20 rows).

Are you sure it’s in Creative Knitting? According to their website, the issues are named by months, not seasons =ie, Sept 09, Nov 09. Just trying to find a pic of it to help make it easier to answer your qustion.

Is the hat knit flat? most are circular, then you can just carry the color up the inside if your stripes are only a few rows of each color.

Thanks for responding, Marilyn.
I have a copy obviously out of a magazine, the bottom of the page says ‘Fall 09’ and the bottom of the page where the pattern continues says ‘Creative Knitting Quick & Easy Favorites Fall 09’.

The hat is knitting flat with a seam up the back.
Linda In CA

When you have an odd number of rows for a color in flat knitting, the yarn will need to be cut.

Most patterns have even numbers of rows for stripes to keep the yarn at one edge all the time.

This one appears to be different (not to mention a pain). To be honest, I’d add a row of each color to make it simpler, but if you’d like to leave the stripes the way they are in the pattern, it only looks like it’s for the first 20 rows, so it’s up to you.

Thank you so much. I kept trying to figure out how I could do this without having to cut the yarn (thinking that the pattern would have told me to cut if it was necessary). I did exactly what you said and it looks just fine. I just love this website.
Linda In CA

If you use a circular needle instead of straights, if you need to use a color that’s at the other end, slide all the stitches to the other end of the needle and knit from that end.