Need help with triangle/square blanket

I need help with this…I haven’t knitted in several years. This blanket is supposedly easy but I am having trouble starting it. I have always knitted things without a pattern so reading a pattern is difficult. Do I start with 1 stitch nd then do the knit into front and back? Would anyone be willing to make a video and post it on Youtube so I can understand how to make a triangle?

Thank you

P.s. The link is in the first reply.

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Yes, start with one stitch cast on. Then for Row 1, knit into the front and back of the stitch. Row 2, Kfb, knit one. You’ll have 3 sts by the end of this row. Continue in the same way, each row adding a stitch to the beginning of the row.
When you change color and begin the decreases you’ll end up with a square. It’s a lovely looking blanket with clever color changes.