Need help with translated instructions

My pattern says to “k to last 4 sts, turn, yfwd, sl 1 as if to p, work to end” then,
“Work to last 8 sts, turn yfwd, sl 1 as if to p, work to end”

A few questions about this, do you cast off the 4 sts or leave them on the needle when turning? I understand a sl but what do they mean “as if to purl”?

this is the instructions for creating the armhole

Any help would be much appreciated.

If that’s the ONLY thing you couldn’t translate, then you’re doing better than I am!

The “as if to purl” just means insert the needle like you were going to purl the stitch, but don’t wrap the yarn around it, just slide it over to the other needle. This is how you’d slip most stitches unless the slipped stitch is part of a decrease (or the pattern says otherwise).

I think it’s better if I defer to the more experienced on your other question…

This appears to be short row instructions. I don’t see how short rows will do the armhole, but then I can’t see the pattern either. Can you link to the pattern or an image, give the name and where you found it? Something to help us see exactly what you’re working with. Someone more experienced than I will probably understand short rows and armhole shaping. I think I want to!

I also don’t understand how it makes an armhole, but with the short rows you don’t bind off the stitches left on the needle when you turn you leave them on and knit back in the other direction. There should be some other instructions further on about what to do with those stitches.

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I agree on the “as if to purl”, short rows and the helpfulness of a link to the pattern. The short rows may be there to give you a little fullness across the bust. See if there are further instructions for an armhole bind off or check the schematic if there is one.