Need help with tote pattern

So I have started my tote (yay!) but have an issue. The directions read like this:

Cast on 30 sts. Do not join.
Knit 25 rows in garter stitch.
Knit 1 more row, do not turn.
Rotate work and knit up 13 sts across end.
Rotate work again and knit up 30 sts from cast on edge.
Finish by knitting up 13 sts from the remaining end of bottom piece.

So I have the first 25 rows done, the bottom of the tote. I understand the idea behind picking up the next stitches to make the sides. I just can’t visualize HOW to rotate the work. All my stitches are on the are on the right side of my circs.

Can someone explain how I rotate? How is that different from turning the work?

Although I’ve never heard it called “rotating” before, it is different from turning your work. Basically, once you “knit 1 more row, do not turn,” you will “rotate” your knitting 90 degrees so that the side of your work is now the “top”. Your working yarn should now be in the correct position to pick up the new stitches. Then rotate 90 more degrees, so that your cast on edge is on top, pick up those stitches, and rotate 90 more degrees and pick up the last set of stitches. You will always have the same garter stitch rows facing you (i.e., you won’t be switching from the front or back of the piece).



Thanks Casey, that does help! Now to get rolling on this bag!