Need help with toe up heel turning

I’m trying to knit socks using a Wendy Johnson pattern but I’m having trouble with turning the heel. She has a KF&B or PF&B on each row so now I have 48 stitches on the needle not including the flaps that get knit in. I should have 34 stitches for the heel like on the front. What is supposed to happen to all the extra stitches? What am I missing? Thank you!

Hi and welcome to KH. It looks like you’ve been increasing for a gusset and those stitches do get decreased out. I don’t know what flaps you’d have. The pattern should tell you how to deal with them. Posting a few lines of the pattern (assuming it’s a paid pattern and you can’t link to it) is OK.

Here’s an example
I don’t get how she can increase each row of the heel then end up with the same number of stitches on the back of the heel as she started with, besides the gussets.

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Thanks for the pattern link.
The decreases come when you knit the heel flap. Trust Wendy. She won’t lead you astray.
You start working the heel with 29sts on Needle 2 for the smallest size and increase to 49sts after the gusset. After the turn you’ll have 57sts and then after the heel flap, you’re back down to 29sts again.

I figured it out I think. I will count the center 34 stitches and the rest will be part of the gusset. See what happens.