Need Help with thrum mitten pattern

I am currently doing the fleece artist thrum mitten and I don’t understand the next instruction for the gusset, it reads:

" At the beginning of the next round purl 1 st while knitting the next 5 sts place 2 increase stitches evenly,purl next st. Continue in this fashion by increasing every 4th round until 11 sts are created in the gusset."

If I increase 2 stitches every 4th round would I not end up with 12 sts not 11 added stitches? :aww:

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


no 11. As you start with an odd number (5 stitches) and are increasing in pairs you will finish with an odd number. 5+2+2+2 =11

So am I increasing that whole round? Why does it say increasing every 4th round, should I be just doing straight knitting in between every 4th round?

like this:

purl 1, knit 5, increase 2, purl 1 continue this pattern the whole round and then the next 3 rounds knit?


defiantely not doing all the increases in one round, you just do two every 4th round continuing in the pattern on the rounds inbetween.
It is hard to say without beng able to see the rest of the pattern or knowing how amny stitches you have etc.

I think i did misread it the first time though, becaue the 11 is not the total number of stitches you should have. but the total number of stitches you should have added is given as 11 whic is a little odd.

the way i would read it is
*purl 1, knit 5 (plus two increases evenly spaced within those 5 stitches), purl 1
knit 3 rounds in pattern
Repeat this until there are 11 stitches for the gusset. If this instruction is a portion of the entire round then on round 1 you have 7 knit stitchess (the 5 knits and 2 increases) round 4 you have 9 stitches and round 8 you have 11 stitches.

or *purl 1, knit 5 (plus two increases evenly spaced within those 5 stitches), purl 1
knit 3 rounds in pattern
repeat from * 5 times, meaning you have increased (or inserted 10 stitches. On the next row, purl 1, knit your 15 stitches (the orignal 5 plus the 10 you have increased), increase 1, purl 1.

That would give you an extra 11 inserted or increased stitches on every 4th row. but does seem a bit odd.

Thank you for your help. I will try it and see what happens.