Need help with this shawl pattern

Hi. I’m making a shawl. It’s called Ida by Annika Andrea Wolfe on Now I have 241 stitches, and there is a change in direction. I’m really confused about the border part.

  1. Am I adding 35 new stitches (by casting on) to the existing 241 stitches?
  2. I don’t get the border part. Do I only knit 34 stitches each row? What do I do with the main part? Where and what do I repeat?

The pattern says:
Cont in inc patt until there are 241 sts, ending with RS facing for
next row. Do not break yarn.
Cast on 35 sts using the still attached yarn from the main section.
Using the single 4mm (US 6) needle and working across cast-on sts, work border as follow:
Row 1 (RS): Work 34 sts from chart, sl 1, K1 from main section, psso.

Row 2: Sl 1, work 34 sts from chart.
These two rows set patt. Cont in patt working the 16 row patt repeat throughout until all 241 sts from the main section have been worked and the border is joined completely with the main section, ending after patt row 16 and with RS facing for next row.
Cast off all sts.

I figured it out.

Happy knitting, everyone.

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The best solution. Here’s a video in case anyone else has questions in future.

Thank you Salmonmac. This video is great!

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