Need help with this pattern

Hi I have started to knit this baby hat pattern and I am having a hard time understanding the instructions.

Crown shaping:
Round1: (K8, place contrasting marker) seven times, k8.
Rounds 2, 5, 8, 11, 14, 17: (Knit to 2 before marker, k2tog) eight times.
Intermediary rounds: Knit all stitches. Note: there will be two rounds of all knit stitch between each decrease round.
Round 19: K2tog eight times (8 stitches remain).
Break yarn, leaving a long tail, and thread through remaining stitches. Drop stitches from needle(s) and pull tail tight to cinch hole closed.

Placing markers at intervals just keeps you on track for the decreases. They only have to contrast from the beginning-of-the-round marker.

You can just tie loops of yarn for the markers, or count.

First decrease round would be k6, k2tog all the way around.
The next would be k5, k2tog all the way around–keep going, knitting 1 less stitch before knitting 2tog

Yes, k8, place a marker, and repeat around, ending with k8. The markers are to show where the decs will be. Then you just do what the following rows say.

Could you please edit your post to take out the pattern before the crown shaping instructions? Even when the pattern is free, the copyright belongs to someone and only they have the ‘right’ to post the whole pattern.

thank you for your help. I would be more than happy to edit my post. How do I do this?

At the bottom of each post there are several buttons, including ‘edit’. Click that and high light and delete the beginning lines of the pattern.