Need help with this pattern

This is a small shawl/shrug that just fits over the shoulders, very easy, but for the life of me I can’t figure it out!

CO 9 sts
Rows 1-4 knit
Rows 5-6 Kf&B, K2, work seed stitch (k1,p1) across unitl last 3 stst. k2, Kf&b
Repeat rows 5-6 continuing to Kf&b in the first and last stitch of each row, and maintaining seed stitch by knitting the purls and purling the knits as they face you, until you have 87 sts.

Okay, this is easy, but I cannot get the seed stitch to work right, does the pattern mean to Kf&b, K2 every row , or Kf&b and then start the seed stitch? If I knit f&b and then K2 every time how can I get seed stitch? I keep ending up with 2 knits together and hit throws me all off. Do you know what I mean??? I am so ignorant with patterns sometimes.


I would believe that if you are going to repeat rows 5 and 6 exactly you would have to kfb the first and last stitches while maintaining the the k2 stitches that come after and before them. This would give you a garter stitch border bracketing the seed stitch middle section. You will still have seed stitch in the middle since you are adding 1 stitch at each end the middle portion of the shawl or shrug will gain stitches in the next row. You might have to work the pattern several rows before you see this occur though.

Hi knitters,
I m from Malaysia,love knitting n crocheting,
m on Garnstudio pattern105-9, well is stuck at the arm, no ideal how to go about. never done a raglan before, hope you guy can help.
Thank you

By doing the increase and 2 knit stitches at the beggining and end of every row you are creating a garter stitch border with seed stitch in the middle. this is a case of ‘trust the pattern’.