Need help with this pattern, pretty please!

It’s a felted candy corn trick or treat bag.

It says to bind off and then work the additional colors. Color A is the yellow, so I’d bind it off and then add the B (orange)? Why not just join them?
At first I thought I was binding off the top, but I’m decreasing as I go, so that part of the bag would be the part that joins the orange.

Here it is:

With A: CO 80 sts. Join in the round. Place marker.
Round 1,3: k40, place marker
Round 2,4 p 80
Round 5: pass marker, k1, k2tog, knit to 3 sts before marker, k2tog,k1, pass marker, k1, k2tog, knit to 3 sts before marker, k2tog, k1.

Repeat R2-5: Until you have 6 sts remaining. You should have worked 69 rounds. BIND OFF.

While keeping row count for the above instructions, change colors as follows: On Row 25 cut A and join B. On row 55 cut B and join C.

Help me please. I’m confused. Not that it takes much.:roflhard:

You don’t have to bind off. When they say to cut and join, you cut the old color and then start knitting with the new–just like you figured!

That is what I thought.:?? Why does she say bind off? :think:

Thanks for the help.:slight_smile:

I read it as ‘when you have 6 stitches remaining, bind off.’ Then she talks about changing colors–I can see where it could be a bit confusing.

I’m still new at reading patterns. That’s been a challenge for me. All the abbreviations and the wording makes me just a tad confused sometimes.:wink:

thanks again.

Don’t worry about it. I had to read it two and three times to see what she meant, but where she says to bind off, you’ll notice she says “You should have worked 69 rounds.”

Then underneath she mentions that you change colors at row 25 and at row 55.

Very easy to miss and misunderstand.

That makes me feel better.:wink: I hope to be as proficient as the rest of you ladies and men, when it comes to pattern reading.