Need help with this ambitious eye pillow project

Yikes! I think this eye pillow would make a great gift for my SIL who has MS (along with some sachets and a dishcloth or something).

Wow, the directions are way beyond me! I have never used two circular needles before (PDF pattern here) and it sounds to me like I could not use dpn’s instead?

So, I guess my first big question on this project is whether or not I can do this on DPN’s or if I have to use two circular needles. It looks like you cast on using some special “two circular needle invisible caston” and then you somehow start knitting the eyepillow at the side, with one group of stitches on one set of circ’s and the other group on another set, and joining somehwere in the pattern!

I am really flummoxed by how to do this, any advice??

I made three of these recently.

Two circulars really is the best way, because of all the YO’s, there’s no ‘safe’ middle stitch in the front to ‘half’ it for DPN’s, plus you can see the pattern appear as you go along. It also helps you keep track of which row you’re up to :smiley:

To start I actually crocheted the 18 loops using scrap yarn, and then picked up stitches through them, and knit it that way.

PLEASE PM me if you get stuck or have any problems, I’m more than happy to help you out :smiley:

this pattern looks awesome and that linen is on sale at Bo Peep’s, but it looks SOOOOOOOOOO over my head.

Flummoxed = My new favorite word :wink:

You know what? It’s actually not as hard as it looks, really. I wouldn’t consider myself anything more than a basic intermediate knitter.

And as long as you take it stitch by stitch, and not try to rush through it you’ll do fine… :smiley:

Oh, that was you that made these! I couldn’t remember. Yours looked wonderful, btw!!!

Thanks for the tip on using dpn’s. I ordered the yarn so… when it gets here I guess I will gulp and leap. And PM you lots probably! LOL

Goodness… for a little project, that pattern is certainly intimidating!!