Need help with the knitted Hand towel pattern

I am starting on the following pattern and stuck at very beginning

It Says… cast on 81 stitches. begin with turned hem or else use long tail cast on…
wat does turn hem mean? Is it ok if I use long tail cast on
Nd shud i first do a cast on and then turned hem?

Not quite correct…reread the paragraph. She says she does use a long tail cast on and then sews the hem. She also says you can use a provisional cast on if you wish. In the section on the border she addresses how to hem.

I am still not sure I understand it… should I start with long tail cast on?

If you start with a long tail cast on you hem it when you’re done with a needle and yarn.

If you start with a provisional cast on you sort of hem as you go by picking up one stitch from the needle and one from the provisional cast on and knit them together.

Either way works fine. If you are more comfortable doing the long tail go for it. :thumbsup:

Thanks … I have always used long tail cast on for all my projects… So I think I will use it…