Need help with the Fish Lips Kiss Heel pattern please


Greetings to everyone!

I am a semi-beginner knitter and I have the basic stitches quite solid, so I have after 20 years of putting it off, have decided to begin knitting socks for my family. I have selected to do the Fish Lips Kiss Heel, as I like the neat appearance of the stitches, but I am stuck on the very first step. I have watched the videos and am able to do the TSK TSP, but the instructions for Row 1 (knit) have be confused.

I have 32 stitches on my needle. Instructions read Knit to 2 stitches from end, TSK, turn.

Do I knit to 30 stitches and do 2 each TSK or do I knit to 31 stitches and do 1 each TSK and then turn?
Same for the TSP row.

I am so anxious to progress, but am wearing my yarn out from do-overs as I don’t believe I am working the pattern correctly.

Any assistance from a seasoned knitter would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance for your sharing of wisdoms with everyone,



Welcome to the forum! At the second last stitch you do one TSK, then turn leaving one stitch untouched, then purl all the way over to the other side doing one TSP at the second last stitch and turning leaving one stitch untouched in this end too.


Thank you so much!!!