Need help with the Damsk handbag

The bag is actually the damask bag. I can’t figure out how to change it in the title though. I know someone on here made this it is how I got the idea to make it. I read the little blip about the pattern when I printed it out and it mentions intarsia and I I can do that and so I got the yarn, swatched the whole bit. Now I am looking at the pattern and I am so confused.
It says
"Note: Use a separate hank of yarn for the MC sections on each side of chart. Work charted section in Fair Isle method carrying both colors across. When changing colors, hold yarn to the left and pick up new color from underneath. This twists yarn so there are no holes."

Ok so that doesn’t seem like Intarsia to me and what is with the two separate hanks if I am carrying the main color with me during the chart? It never says to switch. Also do I carry the CC all the way around the bag or can I leave it where the chart ends and pick back up on my way back since it is not knit in the round?

Did you mean [I]Damask[/I]? I was trying to find the pattern or at least a photo and can’t find it. :??

yes damask. That would help wouldn’t it? It is a free pattern from Berroco

I will now try to figure out editing on the origingal

I will now try to figure out editing on the origingal

Click advanced edit and you can fix the title. Thanks for the link. That is a beautiful purse!

You have to work it both ways, intarsia and fair isle. The center design is kind of like a little fair isle piece in the middle of a solid color. You are only carrying the colors across the design, not the entire piece…that’s the reason for separate hanks.

If I’m wrong someone will correct me. :wink:

Since you’re carrying both colors across, and working back and forth, I don’t see the point of the two hanks of mc, either.:??

I guess I still don’t get where I am suppose to pick up the second hank. I think I may have to run to my lys. Darn!:roflhard:

I think before running to the lys (and making my wallet emptier) I may try just doing it with the one hank and see how it goes. It isn’t like I really know what I am doing either way. I am just winging the color work thing. I am afraid my knitting may be like my sewing and cook; recipes and patterns are suggestions if you don’t get it look at the picture and do it my own way. I will let you know how it goes.

I’d certainly start with one hank. I don’t know where you’d switch. :shrug:

In fact, this bag is so pretty, I might just give it a shot myself.