Need help with sweater pattern, please

OK, so I’m working on a sweater for DD…I’m almost done with the back, and I’m stuck.

The pattern reads:

Shape shoulders
Working 2sts tog over each cable, bind off 21 sts at beg of next 2 rows.
Bind off rem 30 sts.


What’s this mean? This repeat has 5 cables, and the cable are 4 sts across, if that helps.


Knit together the two middle stitches of each cable. A cable pattern has extra stitches in it for cables. Now you need to remove those extra stitches so the shoulder won’t be too wide and the cable won’t be too spread out.

ahhh, thanks…OK, so what does “bind off 21 sts at beg of next 2 rows” mean? Do I bind off 21 (while I k2tog in the middle of the cables), then turn the work and bind off again? Wouldn’t that look funky? Am I thinking too much about this?

Yes, since you can only bind off at the beginning of rows, you do it at the beginning of the next two rows. It won’t look funky. It would look funky if you tried to bind off at the end of the row and had your yarn and a stitch there with no place to go!

Every sweater that has bound off armholes or shoulders is done this way and it really makes no noticeable difference.

I’m confused…I’m sorry, I feel like such a dolt.
So, I’m going to start the row by binding off 21 sts, then do I continue to knit the rest of the row, or do I turn it then and bind off again?

Exactly. Bind off, knit to the end. Turn, bind off and knit across.

At this point you should have 30 stitches left on your needle. Turn and bind these off. And you’re done!! (except, of course, for the front, sleeves, seaming and weaving in of ends! But it is a milestone!)

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Aaaahh, I see!!! Thanks, Ingrid!! I owe you, chica.
You rock! :thumbsup:

Anytime! :thumbsup: