Need Help With Sweater Pattern Instruction!

I’m working on a sweater (Jean Paul-ish by Pickles, purchased on Ravelry). I’m working on the yoke and increase for sleeves. As I understand it, the directions (highlighted in blue) say to increase on every SECOND round for a total of 34 rounds (my size highlighted in yellow) ending with 84 sleeve stitches. If I do 34 rounds increasing every other row I only end up with 52 sleeve stitches. But, if I do enough rows to get to 84 sleeve stitches it seems like I’m halfway down the sweater before separating the sleeves from the body of the sweater. What am I misunderstanding about the pattern instructions?!
Thanks in advance!


The math checks out. It’s 34 increase rounds so 68 total rounds. If that seems like too many, check your row gauge. According to the pattern it should be close to 28 rounds per 4 inches. If not you may need to skip some of the alternate non-increase rounds. Basically you want to get to the correct length with the correct stitch number.

Ok, thank you. Maybe it’s my gauge. I’ve never been good at gauges :slight_smile:

It’s not just you. I concentrate on stitch gauge and if row gauge happens to fall within acceptable limits I’m ecstatic.
Since measurements are usually given in inches or cm, it often doesn’t matter but… It matters for raglans and yoke patterns like yours.
Figure out the number of inches you need for the yoke and then the number of rows that means at your row gauge. Then you can fit the increases into that number of rows.

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