Need help with sweater neckband

So knitting on the neckband (round neck) is the last step of my first ever sweater (for my dad, yay!) and I am confused. The pattern calls for using 16" circular needles. It’s an easy st st pattern for a nice roll neck. The problem (and I have tried this three times already with different lengths) is that the bound-off neckband always turns out too small to fit an adult head through! Is there a secret to this? I have noticed that 16" seems to be the standard size for neckbands, so I must be doing something wrong. Any thoughts? Many thanks - Katie

A 16" is also the standard size for hats; it’s not the length of the needle, but the number of sts you have that makes the neckline. The BO will also determine the size of the opening, so make sure it’s loose. You can go up a size or two on the needle - it doesn’t have to be 16" because you won’t be putting stitches on it, just using it to BO. Or use a really loose bind off - k2, then knit them tog tbl (put the L needle into the front of the sts and knit together), k1, k tog, k1, ktog and so on around.

What Sue says is good. If no matter what you do with needle size and bind off your neck hole is still too small you might have to go back to where you have a few more stitches. If it comes to that and you need help the name of the pattern and where it could be found would be helpful.

A bind off I have started using is Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off. I found instructions for how to do it with a Google search. I just used it on a rolled neck for a baby sweater and they have big heads. :slight_smile:

What a great bind-off! Many thanks - always a good day when I learn something new :slight_smile: