Need help with Susan Rainey sweater square

Hi all. I’m confused about the instructions for the square that the mini sweater is attached to.

…cast on 57 sts. [B]Work 3 ridges, inc 4 sts evenly along last (WS) row-61sts.[/B]

then you begin the center of the sq for 11"

[B]Work 3 ridges,dec 4 sts evenly across first row-57 sts.[/B] Bind off.

The areas in bold are what I’m confused about.

What does she mean by work 3 ridges?

And does it matter where I increase on the last row? The first 3 to 4 and the last 3 to 4 stitches of each row make an edge design so I can’t increase there.

Also I’m going to be surrounding a number of assorted blocks with some aran sampler strips I’ve been knitting. I’ve been using a size 8 needle on the strips. The Rainey block calls for a smaller size 6 needle for the background block. I’m thinking I should stick with the size 8 to make the stitches look consistent. What do you think?

Ridges are the result of the garter stitch. Rather than having to count rows, you knit every row until you have the right number of ridges. EAch ridge is 2 rows of knitting.

When you have to decrease or increase across a row, you should spread them out evenly as best as you can. In this case, you could increase in the first and last part of the stockinette center and then increase at about 1/3 and 2/3 across the row.

If you want to increase the needle size, you certainly can. You’ll just end up with a larger square. I think the point of the GAAA is that all the squares are the same size, and 6 worked for this square and the designer’s gauge.

Ingrid thank you so much. You are always very helpful. The information about two rows making one ridge is great.

Here’s another question in regard to the number of ridges. If two rows equal one ridge; Do I count the cast on and cast off as one row?

Thanks again :slight_smile:

I don’t count either as a row.