Need help with stitches

I am new to knitting and I am not able to see the difference in my stitches. I have been doing swatches to learn how to decrease stitches. When I look at the swatches, no matter if I purl or knit, the stitch looked the same. I have been looking at various videos to make sure my technique is correct but in the end, my knit stitch does not look like examples on the internet. Please help! Thanks

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What are you trying to do? Swatches are often done in stockinette and it’s a good way to practice stitches.

Row 1 knit
Row 2 purl
Repeat these two rows

NOTE: stockinette curls so you may want to do garter around the edge. Garter is just knits on both sides.

If you can post a picture it might help.

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The knit side of a stitch reminds me of the letter n where as the purl side of a knit stitch is bumps. The knit side with no fancy stitches is flat whereas the reverse side ,purl, is bumps. I hope it helps.

Letter n? Looks more like a V to me. :grinning:

Or are you doing garter stitch? Knitting all the rows or purling all the rows will look the same:

That is half my problem. @ Jan_In_Ca, I am not doing stockinette swatches so yeah that can be why I don’t see a difference lol. @ salmonmac thanks for the link