Need help with stitch pattern

I think there may be a mistake with the stated number of stitches required for this pattern, link here:

I did a swatch of 41 stitches, which would equal the requisite number of 22 stitches plus 19, but in looking at the graph I think that a multiple of 20 stitches plus 1 may be the correct number. I did find that in knitting the swatch from the written instruction in Rows 13 & 15, there was no change to the pattern repeat on the last repeats; Row 13 ends with k7 and Row 15 ends with p2.

Thanks for your help, I know you knitting wizards will perform your mad magic skills on this one :slight_smile:

Just looking at the written directions it seems like a multiple of 20+2 (20 for the repeat with one stitch at each end). That works except for the initial row which has a p2tog at the “begin row” and “end row”. To do that you’d need to start with 20+4. I haven’t tried this on needles but do you think there’s a mistake in the “end row” on row 13 where it lists k6?

Yup, you’re right, the multiple is 20 sts, not 22. And the plus is 4 sts to begin Row 1.

Both Rows 13 and 15 show a change in the written instructions for the end row - I believe this is incorrect. Row 13 should end with K7, same as the repeat. Row 15 should end with P2, also the same as the pattern repeat.

I am still thinking the pattern should reflect a multiple of 20 stitches plus 1. Rows 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9 show a P3tog as the last stitch of the repeat, the last repeat on these rows is P2tog tbl, and the Begin Row is P2tog on these rows. Does this make sense?

Well, it is now going to be a summer shawl. Visited my LYS in Santa Fe, found a beautiful linen, silk and cotton blend in an off-white. Wound my first ball :slight_smile: and working out a few details with the ACTUAL yarn. Been swatching for seems like months now. I am ready to begin :knitting:

:cheering: I have internet access for the next six days, getting back to checking on this. Knittingfool now has Nupp Lace 1 listed with a multiple of 20 stitches plus 19; I still think that it is a multiple of 20 plus 21. Additionally, the End Row instructions for Rows 13 and 15 should show no changes to the repeat pattern, so the pattern as it is written on the site is incorrect. I am picking up my needles, will cast on 61 stitches :pout: It’s a lot of knitting but I need to know if the 20 plus 21 numbers are correct before I continue with my project.