Need help with Stitch in pattern

Hey guys… I’m doing a new pattern… “The Gathering Infinity Scarf”… but having issues “visualing” this stitch…

The pattern states:

(RS Row): Sl 1 st pwise wyb: *RT, p1; rep from * to last 3 sts, RT, K1

Now this makes sense… but I am having issues with “RT”

RT is specified as:

Skip the first st, knit the second st, then knit the first st and let both sts slip off the needle

Are there any videos or something out there that shows something similar?
I just can’t visualize it … and without that I could never knit it :slight_smile:


Hi Norman, I think it’s referring to 1/1 cables without using a cable needle. This is a video link which you may find useful :slight_smile:

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You know now that I read it a few more times… I think I was making harder than it seems to be… I looks like you just knit, but don’t slip the stitch, then knit again, and slip those two… I think I was over thinking it… but thanks for the video! :slight_smile: