Need Help with Starting Neckband

I am knitting a patons honeycomb aran dress and I have come to start the neckband and I am stuck!
The pattern is here:
It says:
With RS facing and smaller needles K13 from left sleeve st holder dec 2 st evenly across. Pick up and knit 14 st down left front neck edge. K24 from front st holder dec 4 evenly across. Pick up and knit 14 st up right front neck edge. K13 from right st sleeve holder, dec 2 st evenly across. K44 from back st holder, dec 5 stitches evenly across.

I understand what it is asking me to do but when I tried to start it by knitting the stitches from the left sleeve st holder the needle is not the right way for me to pick up from the left front neck edge after I have knitted the stitches and I can’t seem to visualise what I need to do.
Can anyone help me figure out how to start the neckband?

It sounds like you might be starting from the right sleeve st holder instead of left. Remember, while you have the RS facing, the left sleeve shoulder is the left sleeve shoulder as you would wear it, so with RS facing, you will start with the work that is on your right (because you are looking at it, not wearing it).


Thanks! The back st holder is at the other end so I’ll try knitting it from that way instead. Thanks for your help :grin:

I generally don’t get my right and left mixed up but in knitting there is always a point where I have to stop and take a moment to check I have the correct ‘left’. Just as @Claudia1 said it’s the left as you would wear the garment.
Not that I’ve made so many things but it is always always where I have to stop and check and kind of spin things around in my head until I am reorientation.

I hope you will post a photo of your finished project.


I’m exactly the same :joy: After I’ve done some work I’m hoping to finish the collar today and then all I have to do is sew the rest of the dress up. I will be sure to send a picture :grin:


I finished it today :grin:

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What a gorgeous sweater! You’ve worked it so beautifully. Enjoy the well-deserved compliments!

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Thank you! :blush:

Beautiful work; I’m certain you will enjoy wearing it for a long, long time!

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Thanks so much for your help! :grin:

It’s the first time I ventured assistance, so I am glad it helped. I am usually the one of the folks asking for help here:)



Wow what an achievement. All those cables and textures, it looks so hard!
Well done. I’ve never made anything this tricky, one day… maybe.

Enjoy wearing it.

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Thank you! If you know how to cable it is actually not as hard as it looks, the pattern is very helpful so once you’ve got used to knitting a few rows of it, it becomes quite easy :grin:

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