Need help with Square 20 of Learn to Knit Afghan

I’m working on Barbara Walker’s [I]Learn-To-Knit Afghan[/I], and am on Square 20, “Scale Quilting.” Here’s where I’m getting stuck:

Row 6: With color B, k2, *sl 3 wyib, k1, insert needle from front under loose B strand of Row 1, and knit next st, k1; rep from *, end sl 3 wyib, k2

I assume I’m inserting the right needle under the strand, and that I knit 2 times after picking it up…then I have

Row 7: With color B, k1, p1, * sl 3 wyib, p3; rep from *, end sl 3wyib, p1, k1

Now I’m starting to doubt my Row 6, because how do I purl 3 when there are 4 things to purl? I tried purling the middle two together, but it didn’t come out looking like the picture. Do I just let one drop, maybe? I’m getting tired of starting over. Has anyone done this who can walk me through in more of an “I’m talking to an idiot” kind of way?


I haven’t made this, but I think I’ve done the stitch. When you pick up that strand, it doesn’t create a new stitch. You put your needle tip under it and knit the next stitch that’s on the left needle. The strand ends up ‘hooked’ on the knit.

Thank you so much, Ingrid. I’m trying this right now, and I think maybe I see what I was doing wrong. After I pick up the strand and knit the next stitch, do I then pull that new stitch clear down through the one I picked up?


Great! Thank you [I]so[/I] much!

HI, I found this site today as I have been learning to knit using the same book and got stuck once I reached this square!
Just wanted to add to the previous messages as I did not understand “pull that new stitch clear down through the one I picked up”. Through trial and error it seems that you are meant to lift the hooked yarn over the knit stitch, as if you are slipping it off the needle. I’m not sure if that’s the right technique, but it does look the same as the picture now, so I guess it’s OK!