Need help with some instructions

In the project I am currently knitting this is the row that I need help with:
Row 21: k2, drop next stitch off needle, k6, kfb, k1

My question is do I drop this stitch off the left hand needle on to the right hand needle…
or do I just slide this stitch off the needle completely. If I just slip if off completely, it seems like it will unravel.

Seems silly I know, but I just can’t remember this method of dropping a stitch.

Thanks for your help.


I believe you drop the next stitch off the left needle, that would be the “next” stitch in the normal sequence of things. If it was the right needle I think it would say so.

Yes, it will unravel to one degree or another, but maybe that is what they want. There are patterns that incorporate a dropped stitch in the design.

Thanks MerigoldinWA I appreciate you responding to my question so quickly.

Yours in Knitting,

Could you post a link to the pattern?

There is no link to this pattern. It is a pattern I got free from a knitting store in Dallas when I purchased yarn to make this scarf. It is called “Garbage Scarf”. I actually went by the store and asked them about the dropped stitch directions and they said it is to be totally dropped off the needle and you tug on it to unravel it as far as it will go. Make a ladder looking area in the scarf. Thanks for you interest.