Need help with some confusing (to me!) directions

I am ready to pull my hair out with this washcloth pattern.

Here is where the pattern is located:

The directions that are driving be batty are as follows:
Turn work and wrap yarn around end of stitch

I don’t understand what it means to wrap the yarn around the END of the stitch. Can someone please explain in layman’s terms what that means?

Thank you so much. I spent my “relaxing” part of my lunch break trying to figure out what this means and got a whole lot of nothing done.

You are “wrapping” the stitch so that it doesn’t slip out when you turn. You are basically taking the yarn and bringing it around the outside of the stitch, then back into position either behind the work, if you are going to knit next, or leaving it in front to purl.

I hope that helps.

Yes! Thank you! Since you told me what the point of it was, I was able to figure it out.

Off-topic: That cardigan you made your mother is amazing! The color was perfect, too.

Thanks! :oops: