Need Help With Socks Please!

Hi, I’m knitting my first pair of socks on a set of 4 DPNs, and my pattern tells me to cast on 64 stitches (I’m doing the men’s size), and then divide the stitches like so:

Needle #1: 16 stitches
Needle #2: 16 stitches
Needle #3: 32 stitches

Now, from what I understand, once the stitches are divided, the far left needle has the first cast on stitch (at the top), and then far right needle has the last stitch that was cast on (at the top), plus the working yarn. What I am confused at is the positioning of the needles. Is Needle #1 (with 16 stitches) the needle that is the far left needle with the first cast on stitch? Or is Needle #3 (with 32 stitches) the far left needle with the first cast on stitch? Or does it even matter?

Here is the link to the pattern:

Thanks in advance!

Most women cast on about 64 so I’m not sure that’ll be big enough for a guy unless he has small feet… :think:

This tutorial is probably what you need to see how to do it. It’s got great pictures and easy to understand instruction. It’s the one many of us learn on. :thumbsup:

When you have the sts divided on the three needles, the first needle is the first one you knit on. In other words, when you first join to work in the round that first stitch you take is on needle one. You should have 16 sts on it according to the pattern. The second needle you knit off of is needle #2. And the last needle in the triangle is needle #3.

I’m not 100% sure if it matters or not. I usually try to do what I’m told on things that I don’t know what might happen if I don’t and this is the fact with socks. :oops: It is possible that it doesn’t matter, but I never care to find out the hard way, after knitting so many little stitches.

As for the size, the pattern says:

Shoe size: 7-8 US for men & 8-9 US for women
So these are kind of small, basically the same size for a man or woman, but she thinks it will work and seems to have done it so she is probably right. She is banking on it stretching in the leg to fit a man, and just making the foot longer for the man than the woman. Could work. I’d want to make sure my cast on was nice and loose/stretchy.