Need help with sock pattern

I don’t know what it means when the pattern says to slip the last stitch to the next needle. I am knitting my first pair of socks and I am using dpns.

Ooohhh first pair of socks that’s fun.

It just says to slip the last stitch? Doesn’t that mean to just not knit it and move it to the next needle?

It depends on what part of the sock you’re on. I’m guessing the gusset of the heel? I’m not really the best expert on socks.

Are you on the heel flap? In the patterns I’ve used the first stitch is often slipped to make the sides easier to pick up later.

Anywho, slipping a stitch means to just slide the stitch over without working it. If it says knitwise, slip the right needle into the stitch as if you were about to knit and slide it to the right needle. For purlwise, just insert as if to purl and slip.

Hope this helps. :wink: