Need help with slipped-stitch patterns, please!

I’m trying to figure out how to do patterns like the one below (it won’t let me link it because this is my first post, boo) but I don’t understand the instructions. I know how to knit and purl, slip stitches and pass them back over, increase stitches, and decrease by knitting/purling together. I don’t understand the instructions below, especially where it says “slip 5 knitwises, [B]draw up long loops and place them on left needle at tip, 5 stitches worked in 5 stitches[/B] (knit 5 together, 1 yarn over, knit 5 together, 1 yarn over, knit 5 together.”

I don’t know what “draw up long loops” means, or what “5 stitches worked in 5 stitches” means, even with the explanation. Can someone please break this down for me?

I’m not sure either without a pattern. You can link now I think. (I copied and pasted the text you put, but it opens a search page)

Okay, here’s the link:

If that still doesn’t work, it’s at, then selected ‘slipped-stitch patterns’ on the left, and then it’s the pattern called “asters.” Several other patterns in that category have very similar instructions, too.

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See if this video helps. It shows making 5sts from the 5sts that are knit together although the overall result from the video is slightly different.

When you knit into the 5sts, pull a little more yarn onto the right needle (this is pull up long loops) so that the stitch doesn’t become too tight.

Thank you, that video was perfect! What I didn’t understand was to not take the five you knit together off the left needle, and instead just do it over and over.