Need help with sleeves on a baby sweater

while dividing for the fronts, back and sleeves, the pattern said to slip 50 stiches to a length of yarn for the right sleeve then same thing after the back stitches for the left sleeve. I put the stitches on a holder and finished working the fronts and back Now when I need to work the sleeves the pattern says K50 for sleeve and pick up and knot 4 sts at inderarm divide onto 3 needles (double pointed) join in rnd. Place marker after 2nd cast on st for beg of rnd. I cant follow how to start do I knit the stiches on the holder and then pick up 4 at the underarm and divide I tried this but was having trouble understanding and couldn’t pick up the 4 easily after all 50 stiches were knit on one needle also how do I start the first stich ? hope this makes sense

I think they are saying that as a way to make it simpler to explain so they don’t have to say p/u x on one needle, etc.

Since you’ll have 54 total an equal amount on each needle would be 18.
I prefer to have the 4 extra as 2 on each of those lower needles because that’s wear the decrease for the sleeve would go. I’d p/u and knit the two then knit the first 16 from the holder. Grab another DPN and knit the next 16, then with the final DPN knit the rest from the holder and p/u and knit the last two from the underarm.

Make sense?

Thanks Jan I have this going now double pointed needles are a challenge though It is easy to drop a stitch Dropped one ai missed so I have a small hole but I can repair it

You’re welcome. Did you find the dropped stitch too late? Because if it’s only a few rows down you can pick it up with a crochet hook.